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Thank you for visiting Trachem's Home page. Founded in 1999 by the technical and sales experts who have long experience in fields of Paint, Ink, Adhesives & sealants, Plastics & rubbers, and other chemical related industries, we are mainly importing & distributing various kinds of industrial chemical products to local market currently as the distributor of major manufacturers of industrial chemical products in Europe and America. We plan to expand our services to meet any kind of requirements from our customers in the near future.

The ultimate goal of Trachem is to provide the best satisfaction to both suppliers and buyers with the quality and price for mutual business. We also welcome & enjoy discussing with customers and do our best to help customer's R&D

Thank you again for visiting our Home page. We sincerely hope it's worth your precious time by finding something necessary for you.

Kim Joon-Yong, CEO of Trachem Corporation

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