Epoxy & Hypro CTBN

EPALLOY® Specialty Epoxy Resins

Improved chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed and UV stability are just a few of the performance advantages with EPALLOY Specialty Epoxy Resins. These products bring the critical difference to high performance coatings, composites and adhesives applications.

ERISYS® Epoxy Functional Reactive Modifiers

ERISYS GE Series glycidyl ether modifiers are low molecular weight epoxy functional products based on alcohols, glycols and phenols.

Hypro® Reactive Liquid Polymers

Hypro Reactive Liquid Polymers (RLP) are synthetic rubber with chemical functionality. They incorporate rubber properties into brittle thermoset resins, adhesives, coatings and composites.

HyPox® Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resins

CVC offers CTBN modification for toughening and chip resistance, Dimer Acid modification for flexibility and Urethane modification for adhesion to difficult surfaces.

OMICURE® Curing Agents, Accelerators & Catalysts

Accelerating the cure speed or lowering the cure temperature is the role of these versatile additions. They help optimize productivity, energy use, and ultimate physical properties.

Advanced Materials (AdMat)

The thermoset resin chemistries offered by Huntsman AdMat include epoxy resins, epoxy reactive diluents, curing agents and crosslinkers for epoxy resins, benzoxazines, cyanate esters, polyimides and bismaleimides.

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